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  • John J. Dorning

    Professor Emeritus
    John J. Dorning Headshot
  • Dana M. Elzey

    Associate Professor Emeritus
    After graduating with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering, and working on the R&D staffs of IBM and General Electric, Elzey accepted an offer to conduct research in the area of high temperature fatigue failure of Ni-base superalloys at the Max-Planck Institute for Materials Research…
  • James M. Howe

    James M. Howe's research focuses on: i) the application of in-situ high-resolution and analytical transmission electron microscope techniques to study mechanisms of phase transformations and the structure and properties of interphase boundaries at the atomic level, and ii) the use of valence electron energy-loss spectroscopy (plasmons). 

  • Robert E. Johnson

    Professor Emeritus
    portrait bob johnson
    I study ion, electron, and photon interactions with surfaces of low-temperature condensed-gas solids and biomolecular solids and with atmospheric gases. The principal processes studied are the ejection of molecules from the surface, called desorption or sputtering, and atomic…
  • William Craig Johnson

    Professor Emeritus
    bill johnson portrait
  • Gary James Shiflet

    Professor Emeritus
    Gary James Shiflet

    Dr. Shiflet's primary interests are in the kinetics and thermodynamics of phase transformations in crystalline and amorphous solids with particular emphasis on the atomic mechanism involved.Interaction potential models are used to compare experiment with theory. Results are extended to microstructure-property relationships.

  • William Soffa

    Professor Emeritus
    bill soffa portrait
    Professor Soffa’s research interests are in the areas of phase transformations, magnetic materials and crystal plasticity. He has been particularly interested in using electron microscopy to study clustering and ordering in solid solutions and in the synergistics of these processes in…
  • Edgar A. Starke, Jr.

    University Professor Emeritus
    Headshot of Edgar A. Starke, Jr.