Electrical Magnetic Optical Properties

Our research in electrical, magnetic and optical properties of materials makes modern computation and communication possible.

materials sample under magnification

The electronics in optical communication systems, electric motors, and photovoltaic cells, for instance, rely on electrical, magnetic and optical properties of a select group of materials: semiconductors, metals, organics and oxides. Our research activities involve the synthesis, study or use of thin films, which are the fundamental building block of semiconductors and other electronic devices. Additionally, several research groups specialize in 2D materials that are just one atomic or molecular layer thick, and possess expertise in the electronic and physical properties of surfaces.

Research Groups

Jerry Floro Research Group

Our research group synthesizes new materials using additive manufacturing, rapid solidification, solid-state phase transformations and thin film growth. We investigate how processing affects microstructure, in relation to properties such as magnetism, thermal transport and thermoelectricity.

Jon Ihlefeld Research Group

Our research primarily focuses on oxides prepared by a wide range of methods. We use linkages between process, structure and properties to enable materials integration resulting in novel electronic, thermal or optical functionality and devices.

Kyusang Lee Research Group

Our research group focuses on the use of organic and inorganic materials in optoelectronic devices, with a particular emphasis on applications for solar energy conversion and imaging.

Stephen McDonnell Research Group

Our research group grows 2D layered semiconductors with tunable properties to enhance electronic, photovoltaic and photocatalytic activity, and studies how these novel materials interface with insulators and metals.

Joe Poon Research Group

Our research group focuses on experimental and computational study of thermoelectric properties of semiconductors and semimetals; synthesis of thin films and computational study of ferrimagnetic and antiferromagnetic heterostructures; and high-entropy alloys.

Petra Reinke Research Group

Our research incorporates quantitative methods for image and spectroscopic data acquisition and interpretation to develop mechanistic understanding of surface processes. We combine precise deposition methods with in-situ analysis to unlock geometric, bonding, and electronic structure of 2D materials.

Nikhil Shukla Research Group

Our reserach group focuses on emerging devices and circuits as well as developing new approaches for energy efficient computing and storage.

Mona Zebarjadi Research Group

Our research group designs materials with altered thermal and elecrical properties. We also design new hybrid energy conversion devices for thermal management and solid-state energy conversion technologies.