Focus, collaboration and investment are key words in UVA Engineering's research program.

Our faculty participate in research retreats to discuss ways to focus their efforts on important societal challenges where UVA can contribute its unique expertise. This faculty synergy is an outgrowth of UVA Engineering's highly collaborative culture, which has allowed us to make an impact in cross-disciplinary initiatives. The energy and spirit of innovation also have led to many successful companies established by faculty, students and alumni. 

Solution-Oriented Research Addressing Society's Biggest Challenges

UVA Engineering is focused on finding solutions to some of our society’s greatest problems through research that impacts our health, our environment and our ever-changing digital landscape. We are a key contributor to UVA’s Grand Challenges initiative which, as part of the University’s Great and Good 2030 Plan, identifies priority focus areas for research that represent major societal challenges and opportunities and draw on our existing strengths.

Precision Medicine/Health

UVA Engineering’s research in precision medicine is aimed at improving health outcomes throughout our society.

Environmental Resiliency and Sustainability

A focus on environmental resiliency and sustainability is core to UVA Engineering’s commitment to making the world a better place, as our researchers help shape sustainable practices in energy, water, manufacturing and transportation.

Digital Technology and Society

As digital technology continues to evolve, UVA Engineering is committed to ensuring that its impact on society – real people – is always at the forefront of our thinking, with engineering ethics as a strong foundation.

Brain and Neuroscience

UVA Engineering conducts research that advances neuroscience while making discoveries about the workings of the human brain.

two graduate students conducting an experiement

Find the Research That Matters to You

A world of research is right here. To find research projects, and connect with researchers in your area of expertise or interest, use our Research Finder. 

Research Impact Areas

Our research initiatives fall into three broad areas.

  • Prof. Lakeshia Taite works in a chemical engineering lab

    Engineering for Health

    UVA Engineering researchers believe that new methods to prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat disease are within humanity’s grasp.

  • View between server stacks in the Cray Supercomputing Cluster

    Engineering for the Cyber Future

    UVA Engineering researchers are not merely reacting to the cyber age, we are catalyzing it, with such technologies as machine learning, cybersecurity, high-performance computing, intelligent memory systems, avalanche photodiodes and ultra-low-power chips.

  • Prof. Beth Opila and a graduate student examine a sample in the lab

    Engineering for a Sustainable World

    Engineering a better future will require the best work of researchers collaborating along the spectrum from the tiniest building blocks of materials through the complex workings of entire societal systems.

A car rollover test at the Center for Applied Biomechanics

Imagine a Future Way of Life

From precision medical treatments to systems that thwart cyber attacks and manage climate change, here at UVA, we're engineering a future way of life.